Green Tourism

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In small ways we hope this will help us to mitigate our environmental impact, allow us to become more energy efficient and meet the needs of environmentally conscious visitors through contributing to eco friendly tourism within our area.

Below are some such measures which you can expect to find implemented at The Barn:

  • We try to minimise our waste by reducing, reusing and recycling materials such as glass, paper, aluminium and plastic.
  • We compost vegetables and garden waste in a degradable container and don't use pesticides.
  • Our energy is supplied by Hydro.
  • All lights are moving towards energy efficient light bulbs.
  • We use and shop locally for fresh, homegrown, organic produce and reduce food miles where possible.
  • We are recycling water from rainfall by the use of a degradeable water butt.
  • As members of the RSPB we are creating a wildlife area in the garden and guests are invited to read and contribute to a nature diary monitoring, particularly the birds, in it -
  • All cleaning materials are phosphate and chlorine free.
  • We use and provide recycled stationary.
  • Eco friendly jute shopping bags are provided for visitors to use.
  • We provide timetables and information on local public transport and encourage its use.
  • A range of maps, guides and information on local walks, cycle paths and other outdoor activities are available to allow visitors to offset their carbon footprint while relaxing on holiday.
  • We have met all the criteria for our participation in the Visit Scotland walking and cycling scheme to provide more than adequate accommodation for those who have chosen to explore the Highlands in this eco friendly way.
  • Finally, 'Am Bathach' - 'The Barn' is a 100 year old building restored using traditional materials and recently redecorated in natural colours using environmentally friendly paints with low VOCs) Volatile Organic Compounds).

Our complete Green Policy is on display in 'The Green File' with a section on how you may help to implement this. Visitor feedback and suggestions are welcomed through a questionnaire.

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